SK Gaming in trouble

Maagement and players trying to find a solution


Maagement and players trying to find a solution


According to sources, we can expect more changes to be made in the club. After finishing the Challenger Series Spring Split at the not so glorious 5th position, SK are probably in the most difficult period of their history.

SK will be facing teams from the top of the Ladder. and failing to cope with this situation, will take it out of the professional scene. This will come as a big surprise for a club that fought for the 1st place in the last season’s LCS, lead by the Greek and MVP back then, Konstantinos «Forg1ven» Tzortziou.

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On the contrary, at the current season the club of  Peter «Unlimited» Georgiev hasn’t by any means reached its target. As a result, key positions of the club, such as the Jungle and Top lanes, are going to change, following trials.

Nothing official yet, but Kyeong-tak «Dokgo» Kim, the team’s jungler, is already out, while the Top laner’s Bram «Morsu» Knol future will be determined by the trials. After that we will have a more clear picture of how the roster is going to be shaped.

What can we expect from the organisation, from now on?

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