Hearthstone | Panathinaikos AC eSports first players

Chris «Logan» Boutakidis, assumes the responsibility of the new team’s coach as well as, has the authority to establish the new team


Panathianikos Hearthstone roster, has a strong start with VG (now PAO) Logan

Chris «Logan» Boutakidis, is one of the best known Hearthstone players in Greece, with a lot of discrimination inland and abroad, assumes the responsibility of the team Coach. At the same time, he is the man responsible to establish the new team. Having heard several rumors about PAO negotiating with some very renowned Greek players, which found without a team the past few months, we see Logan’s firsts picks to be: Sokratis «SomiTequilla» Michailidis and George «Pain» Karapiperis.

SomiTequilla and Pain, are Logan’s ex-teammates from his former team, Void Gaming. This move shows us, that he wants to create a team from players he knows and trusts. The two players, under Logan’s supervision, hope to continue improving in order to conquer inland and abroad tournaments. We are waiting for more announcements to come in the next days from PAO eSports.

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