WORLDS 2017 | Is Europe meant to succeed?

G2 eSports, Misfits and Fnatic are going to represent the European Region at the World’s stage


G2 eSports, Misfits and Fnatic are going to represent the European Region at the World’s stage


With 2 representatives at the Group Stage and one into the Play-In Stage, Europe is looking into repeating a “success story” as last year, with the final-four attendance of the H2K-Gaming. Nevertheless, there is a question in everyone’s mind: is Europe qualified to succeed at the international stage?

Let’s have a more detailed look at the representatives. The Group Stage attendants are – of course – the four times – reigning champions of the European region G2 eSports and the “newcomer” at the World’s Stage, Misfits. The third spot belongs to the “veterans” of the stage, none other than Fnatic, after their 3-2 series win against H2K Gaming at the regional qualifier finals. FNC have to fight their way into the Group Stage, by competing on the Play-In phase againststrong teams.

G2 eSports, despite having a rough summer split, were dominant at the Europe’s Playoff’s and of course at the Summer Split’s Finals. Their superior macro and objective control seems to be the best weapons against the Chinese and Korean super-teams, Samsung Galaxy and Royal Never Give Up. The spot that need to be highlighted is G2’s botlane. Sven and Mithy are in the best possible shape, being responsible for the majority of great shotcalls for the team.

On the second spot, we have Misfits. The “newcomers” is a well-coordinated team, with great shotcalling and extremely good teamfighting ability. In contrast of G2, MSF got the element of surprise as a great weapon against North America’s best hope for discrimination, Team SoloMid and Taiwan’s pride, the Korean upsetters, Flash Wolves. The “rabbits” are the outsiders of Group D, but practically they are not out yet. Who could possible forget the crazy ride of the Russians AlbusNox Luna at World Championship of 2016?


The third seed, FNC, have a lot more work to do, in order to participate at the Group Stage. Going into the Play-In Stage they will face Kaos Latin Gamers and Young Generation. Obviously these two teams are basically unknown, in terms of their playstyle, to the majority of the league of legends competitive fans. The “veterans” have to do a lot of research, in order to be ready facing those teams. Looking into their squad and their advantages, FNC seems to really rely on Rekkles’s experience and great gaming condition. Although, they need to improve a lot in terms of macro management, in order not to get surprised and outplayed in all levels, by their opponents. If they manage to get out of the Play-In Group, they will find themselves into the Play-In elimination stage, probably facing more familiar teams, also including Sneaky’s and Jensen’s Cloud 9.

Going back to the introduction’s question, as far as I am concerned, the answer is not that simple. Europe is qualified to succeed, although there is a great “but” there. Behind this weird “but” there is Europe’s tradition into having bad appearances at the International Stage, for a long time and of course the Korean teams macro level that is way too high, compared to the other participants.

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