– Exclusive – There is hope for Forg1ven [English]


The Greek LCS legend, Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou, has announced on the 25th of February that there is still a serious chance to leave the professional scene in order to serve the Greek military.


After the announcement, the organization booked Forg1ven his return tickets to Greece for the following Saturday, on the 27th, while at the same time they were looking into the matter to see if there is any chance for the player to get a temporal deferment from the military. On Friday the 26th the team that was examining the issue found a possible solution and the organization cancelled Forg1ven’s travel back to Greece until Monday the 29th where a clearer answer was expected from the Greek military.

On Monday the army announced to the player that he might be entitled to a 6-month deferment for Social reasons, if he has all the necessary papers in his possession. According to the army this is a one-off deferment and cannot be claimed again which means that even if Forg1ven gets it, he will be able to finish the split and play at the play offs but he won’t be able to compete at the World Championship.

Either way, Forg1ven stated that he doesn’t even think about evading the conscription but he wants to postpone it for a bit later.

– Sotiris Drimzakas

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