The Plane Effect: Κυκλοφορεί για PS4 και Xbox One

Ποτέ δεν είναι αργά


Ποτέ δεν είναι αργά

Οι PQube αποκάλυψε πως ο puzzle-adventure τίτλος The Plane Effect, θα κάνει launch σε PS4 και Xbox One στις 2 Δεκεμβρίου. Το The Plane Effect πρωτοκυκλοφόρησε για PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch και PC μέσω Steam, στις 23 Σεπτεμβρίου. Παρακάτω, μπορείτε να διαβάσετε ένα overview του παιχνιδιού:

A time-and-mind bending adventure game…

It’s your final day at the office, it is time to clock out and return home – loomed over by a cosmic anomaly with an oppressive, otherworldly force. Helpless over the cosmos, all you know is that you must return to your family, as soon as you can.

Find your way home by any means…

As you progress through the dystopic cityscape, you quickly you realize all is not as it should be. Did it always take this long? Were the streets always a labyrinth? Where even is “home”? All you know is that you must keep pushing ever onwards, you must keep going.

Navigate through a Dystopian Society

Navigate beautifully and elaborately designed, otherworldly environments and solve unusual puzzles to keep Solo moving through each area. Players have the option to figure out puzzles step-by-step with no hints, or activate a little guidance on your impossible journey through ‘Assisted-Mode’.

A Sinister Presence Follows

Keep Solo moving. Onwards, to his family, back home. Do not stop, do not turn back.

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